Praise City

Praising the Everlasting God and sharing the Word of God through song ministrations, publications and predication, with the burden of sustaining the supply of the Spirit to keep the church in touch with the Word of God and reachout to the yet-to-be-saved from sin, the flesh, the world and satan.

To preach CHRIST and CHRIST crucified

About Kachi

Greg Onye(Kachi) Chinedu

Born in September, 1974 and was recruited into the LORD's Kingdom in October, 1995. Bro Kachi is a teacher of God's Word and an inspired songwriter, composer and music minister with a burden for the Church and world evangelisation. He has authored a couple of books in French, namely, Le Mystere Du Rouyaume De Dieu and Pour Que Vien Le Revei, and has a number of songs on the release. He is married to his loving and beautiful wife & co-labourer in the LORD'S vineyard, Peace Ego Chinedu, both blessed with three children to the glory of God.